LEY 19069 PDF

LEY 19069 PDF

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If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it belongs here. Also, come here if you just need to get hammered. Fri Feb 05, 1906 Fri Feb 05, 5: Fri Feb 05, 6: Fri Feb 05, 7: Fri Feb 05, 8: Fri Feb 05, 9: Fri Feb 05, Sat Feb 06, Mon Feb 08, 3: Mon Feb 08, 8: Mon Feb 08, Mon Feb 08, 2: Mon Feb 08, 7: Tue Feb 09, 6: Tue Feb 09, Tue Feb 09, 8: Return to Crazy Yiuf’s Corner.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 3 guests. Sat Dec 05, 6: Right now, poison magic peaks with two level 6 spells. I mean, given that you are “supposed” to transition from poison magic to another school anyway, this makes sense.

Lots of high level spells are sub-optimal late game, but people still use them. For fun, for flavor, for variety. The ly of, “okay, most schools are supposed to be balanced so you can master them and have your character be powerful.

However, with poison magic, this logic does not apply, because Some possible solutions I can see from best to worst: The easiest fix, though I vaguely recall it being scoffed at in some other thread.

Acid is resisted by very few any? This perfectly fills the need for late game, high level spells which are actually relevant.

Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? • View topic • The Tavern

Ok, poison arrow and alistairs are still mediocre vs such enemies, rather than being completely useless, but still. What do you all think?

Tue Jan leh, Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? This has come up a bunch of times before; the end tends to be “it’s OK if poison doesn’t have super late-game efficacy, it’s like short blades and beogh and yred and stuff”.

I am not a very good player. My mouth is a foul pit of LIES. Sun Jul 14, 4: Sun Jun 28, 2: Option 3 has been addressed somewhat recently. When Singularity was removed, everyone and their dog were suggesting new lvl9 transloc spells. And the answer was lvl9 spells aren’t going to be added for the sole purpose of making all spell schools have them. I believe poison magic doing acid spells is somewhere on the “will not do” list.


I think it’s interesting to ,ey some skills peak in usefulness midgame, only to fall off endgame. It promotes interesting decisions where you choose when to swap over. We have another background that’s sort of like this, though Wz needs to look for the tools to get through Lair, not endgame.

Mon Aug 18, 8: I don’t know, I recently ran a poison mummy with the staff of olgreb and I think I’d been seriously underestimating how useful poison is throughout the entire non-extended game, with only minimal training.

Especially ignite 1069, but also poison arrow. It’s certainly true that there are things poison doesn’t work so well on in the late game, but I think this is true of every school except perhaps earth to some degree, and pure conjurations. And even earth it’s usually helpful to have something else because of poor range on everything except LRD.

Basically, I have almost never found it to be a good idea to focus on just one school of damage magic, and poison is just somewhat more skewed than the others in this respect. But for example, poison arrow is maybe the best spell out there for dealing with orb guardians.

L9 spells are fun, but they don’t really represent the schools they appear in, and the lack of an L9 is lfy really characteristic of whether the school is underpowered in terms of winning the game. Tue Oct 30, 7: Ok, I can kind of get behind that. It leaves the question though: This high quality signature has been hidden for your protection.

Complete your transmission by midnight tonight for a special free gift! Tue Sep 13, 5: I really feel like it makes sense for the elemental schools let be on par with each other. Any other school’s mage WILL have to transition into other skills and schools of magic, but no Lfy, IE, AE or EE has to deal with the problem of “my main starting skill doesnt provide anything resembling an end game offensive option so I have to wind up as something completely different from what i started.

PA is the same level as Discord and Chain lightning?

” + siteNameBegin + “

Discord can deal with whole screens, chain lightning can take out arch-liches with a few shots. You’re pulling my leg for sure. There are some rationales for why the status quo is ok, but they could just as easily apply to removing Tornado or Firestorm.


Why not just have ppl transition into Ice Magic if they want to use powerful late game spells? The logic isnt 199069 there. There is ultimately no downside to adding some poison magic late game spells IF they are the right ones. The potential gain here outweighs the negative which doesnt exist. Sat Apr 04, 1: Poison arrow is my go-to single-target attack spell.

Mostly because it has very good range and it poisons poison-resistant enemies. I’d take poison arrow over iron shot any day and probably LCS 19096. It’s okay against demons, very good against anything without rPois, and I usually learn dispel undead. Olgreb’s toxic radiance is broken as hell if you’re playing a gargoyle or an undead.

If you can deal with the demonic crawlers, ghost moths and emperor scorpions the rest is free xp. Granted, it’s not as useful as 1909 refrigeration, but it comes ly a starting book and doesn’t take nearly as long to get online. It trivializes everything from orcs to yaks. Poison magic is relevant in vaults, it’s relevant in depths, it’s relevant for most of Zot.

It’s lacking in extended but that’s okay. Sun Dec 30, 5: The negative is removing differentiation and diversity from the various schools of magic, not “no negative”, and are we really going around this mulberry bush again. Sun May 05, 8: Parrow isn’t anywhere close to good enough for level 8 jeez. It’s not much better than iron shot or bolts against non-rPois stuff, and substantially worse against rPois stuff.

Also you can hardly 1909 people for suggesting “firestorm but X” when there are lwy different “bolt of X” and glaciate is a real spell that is in 190699 game Wed Sep 21, 9: OP do have a point here imo. Parrow is strong as hell even with moderate spellpower for the opponents that do not resist it. So the question I see here is, why train Poison Magic beyond even 10 points unless you’re going for some fancy poison title?

And like everyone knows, Parrow is not a guaranteed spell. Thu Dec 17, 2: Last 10969 by HardboiledGargoyle on Fri Feb 05, 9: Sure but the solution for that isn’t more storm of X surely. Fri Jul 06, I would not suggest some very high level poison school spells should be added.