The Liber feudorum maior, the late-twelfth-century cartulary of the counts of Barcelona, is at once one of the earliest surviving lay cartularies and a rare example. Source, Buscar a partir de la url ; escribir “Liber feudorum maior” en el campo “Buscar” y seguir los. The Liber feudorum maior (or LFM, medieval Latin for “great book of fiefs”), originally called the Liber domini regis (“book of the lord king”), is a late.

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Page 1 of 1. Codex of XII Century. Miniature of the Liber Feudorum Maior. Anonymous Sancha Ramon Berenguer I and his wife, Almodis de la Marche, counting out 2, ounces of gold coins as payment to William Raymond and Adelaide, count and countess of Cerdagne, in return for their rights over Carcassone in Miniature folio 83 bis.


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Vassal paying tribute to the Lord. Barcelona, Corona Aragon archives. Alfonso II with Ramon de Calders, dean of the Headquarters of Barcelona, jurist and compiler of the royal office, handed over to the king in the presence of high court dignitaries, from the ‘Collection feudoum Feudal Right’, which is author. The Countess de Bearn pays servitude to King Alphonse I the Chaste -agreeing not to marry without his consent.

Miniature in ‘Liber Feudo. He will not marry without his consent, Liber feudorum maior, folio 44V. Disciples kneeling in front maaior Alfonso II of Aragon.

Miniatura inferior del folio 61v. Unknown 37 Alfons2 head Ramon Berenguer I and his wife, Almodis de luber Marche, counting out 2, ounces of gold coins as payment to William Raymond and Adelaide, count and countess of Cerdagne, in return for their rights over Carcassone in Miniatura del folio 61 v. Anonymous Sancha Liber Feudorum Major.

File:Liber feudorum maior.jpg

Corona y Aragon Archives, Barcelona, Spain. Unknown 33 Alfons Sancha. Unknown 37 Alfons2 head. Unknown 37 Alfons2 liber. Unknown 37 Alfons Sancha. Unknown 33 Alfons2 liber. Unknown 33 Alfons2 head. Anonymous Liber Feudorum Maior. It accompanies the text of the treaty of Saragossa, of Julyin which both kings agree to mutual aid. Both characters, seated in a room with columns, and in areas differentiated by different colour backgrounds, shake on the agreement.


The count, seated, is holding the hand of his son, who is kneeling, with the two castles in the background. Part of the miniature is in a tab which folds back towards the previous folio due to the guillotining of the margins in the different bindings.

Liber Feudorum Maior – Unfinished miniature, taking up the lower half of the left text column. The scene depicts the moment of the verbal agreement, which would later be materialised in a deed. The miniature takes up the left margin of the folio, next to the text of the tribute, a single column.

The lord, sitting on a throne, receives the kneeling vassal, shaking his joined hands in a sign of humility. Anonymous Maior6 Recent searches: