Liber Trigrammaton subFigura XXVII by Crowley. Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/23/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. The purpose of this thread is to note some observations made in regard to Liber Trigrammaton (Liber XXVII), and to ask some questions about it. Liber Trigrammaton. (English Alphabet Attributions – Class B). Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things. E – The Triple Light, the.

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Further use is made of the trigrams to create a true qabalah in the sense of the definition provided by Jake Stratton-Kent above. It might be worth looking at the copy typescript in the Gerald Yorke Collection at the Warburg, therefore. His correction outweighs all secondary indications to the contrary, even when taken together. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

While the comment to Liber Trigrammaton has been published, what was the provenance, and does that ms still exist? The purpose of this LJ has been to keep a record, in real time, of my researches into the Trigrammmaton Qabalah.

trigrammatn It is from the Greek, translated as “a word of three letters”. Now there are again only two options; consult with your employer Mr. With all the variants corresponding to no single printed version, the former is the more likely case.

Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

The section is heavily marked up and edited. But this is the very evidence being denied in the first place! That means ALL the evidence, not just the piece that supports a particular conclusion.

It must have been drawn from a trigramnaton source. Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is unsustainable to argue that he simply overlooked this word, because there is no positive proof that he did so. These versions consist of: Furthermore, the annotation lacks context as well as any further instruction.


However, if BB is saying that these annotations — as a whole — are the first attempt at attributing letters, then that tritrammaton possibly be the case. I, I adore thee!

Liber Trigrammaton |

During this time they performed a number of magical operations known trrigrammaton as the Cairo Working. January 6, at 6: January 19, at 2: Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!

Maybe someone could supply some further information if it is germane? In other words, his correction trigrammatkn means that there was a failure of accuracy in the Class A printing that he wanted corrected. The definitive collection of all the most important material related to the Trigrammaton Qabalah; from my website, Livejournal, notebooks and private conversations.

Due to trigrammqton technical glitch, I lost the domain name trigrammaton. The next three verses to be inserted appear in the third chapter, later numbered verse That statement was made before the Windram copy was given away, which is why I feel that this copy did not include the definitive list.

The English Qabalah – Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

Also interesting is the Greek equivalent: And he may have given it away to Windram before it could be properly used as an editing tool for the upcoming EQ 1 I was anxious to see an early handwritten copy, but was disappointed some years ago.

Would he write it in his diaries? If those typescripts are roughly from the same period post-Cefaluthis would mean that there are quite some annotations by AC which were made far later than those in the Windram copy which iirc was annotated prior to If all versions of CCXX are considered as the same instance of the SV, and all versions of the POTS as the same instance of that version, then there have been two appearances of Fill and only one appearance of Kill in print.


January 18, at So considering some of the above, this is why I think that the Windram copy contains an abortive second attempt to attribute letters to XXVII. Now let us incorporate the numbers of the Cipher into a pair of equations that reveal a very specific number for their result.

Nor is there any mention in his diaries of the desire to change it. Although we could stop there, the fact is that this grand total of CCXX has already been shown in the past to be hidden in the Cipher in another way.

English Qabalah

The number of this sum is termed the key of that particular word. Kill Debate threefold31 May 10th, May 10 Piber. Love always maintained that Cipher X was a complement to ALW, and himself being an advanced user of LEXICON, was a vocal proponent of comparing the results of many ciphers, a study he called ‘cross cipher correlation’.

In such a case, there must needs be a clear definition of when a document has attained Class A status and when it has not. A lifelong Thelemite, Love considered the ALW cipher to be incomplete to the task of answering many of the llber and deep structure questions proposed by Gillis’ system. Abide with me, Ra-Hoor-Khuit!

But whereas all the other dozen Holy Books of Thelema were penned by him and put in this Class, only CCXX specifically says within its text not to change a letter.