Limarski radovi: konstruisanje i krojenje oblika od lima, alati, spojevi i veze, Paperback; Publisher: AGM knjiga (); Language: Serbian; ISBN KONSTRUISANJEIKROJENJEOBLIKAODLIMA•ALATISPOJEVIIVEZE·IZVOElEN JELIMARSKlHRADOVAAGMKNJIGA 5, dio A – OSNOVNI RADOVI part A – BASIC WORKS. 6 jednom mjesečno o čemu se mora voditi posebna evidencija – kontrolna knjiga (list) skele. svi prethodni građevinski radovi moraju biti završeni kako bi se limarski radovi odvijali u.

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Stevan Krunic Limarski Radovi – Free Download PDF

In accordance with article 9, paragraph 3 from the Law on privatization of state owned capital Official Gazette of RM No. Production of special purpose products by composite materials. Ali interested legal entities may purchase bid documents related to this Public Call, by paying EUR 1, one thousand on the account of the Ministry of Economy, as follows:.

MK07 ,Ministry of economy. The documents shall be acquired by presenting:. The documentation from the previous item, which is not in Macedonian language, shall be accompanied by corresponding translation into Macedonian language by authorized court translator. Participants in the Public Call are eligible to make a site visit to the Company and have access of the Company’s financial documentation, as prescribed within the Instruction to the bidders.

Bid can submit only bidders that obtained tender documentation. Providing a Bank Guarantee for participation. The bank guarantee for participation shall be unconditional, irrevocable, payable at first call and needs to be issued by Bank with head office in RM or foreign Bank whereat if it is issued by foreign Bank to have at least B credit ranking issued by one of the following agencies for credit ranking: Moody’s investor service, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Rating for the last year.

Each interested legal entity must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Public call: In the case of consortium of participants, prescribed criteria shall be met by the leader of the consortium. The fulfiilment of the criteria shall be proved by audit financial statements for, and Evaluation Committee shall reject the bid if the bidder does not fulfill the above stated criteria for participation.

The offer for purchasing shares of the Company shall be in writing.

Bids should be submitted in Macedonian language. The period of vaiidity radovo the bids is days from the date of submission of the bid.

Prodaja dionica Republike Makedonije u kompaniji 11 Oktomvri- Eurokompozit AD- Prilep

The offer shall be submitted to the archives of the Ministry of Economy in a closed envelope, which in the upper left corner has the mark “do not open”, followed by “offer”, the Public Invltation for the referred bid, name of the company the bid is referred to, i. Address of the Ministry of Economy shall be vvritten in the middle of the envelope as follovvs: The deadline for submitting the bids is The public opening will take place in the premises of the Ministry of Economy on Criteria for Bid evaluation are as follovvs:.


Evaluation Committee has been constituted for the purpose of evaluating the bids and selecting the most the favorable bidder. The bid with the required documentation should be submitted in three separate sealed envelopes containing:.

Document for Identification of the bidder – an extract from corresponding register. Bank guarantee for participation. Evidence issued by the court, not exceeding 6 months period of validity, which proves that the bidder is not under bankruptcy or liquidation procedure and there is no ban imposed for discontinuation of operations.

Information about experience in the related field. The solvency of a foreign legal entity can be proved on the basis of an audit financial statement, containing the information on the overall financial position and performance of the legal person for the yearsand Statement for acceptance of the conditions for sale on 3. The additional investments to realize in a period of 3 three years after the date of execution. In a period of 3 three years after the date of execution to hold the Activity of the Company vvithin the frames of the area of industry.

To secure bank guarantee in a value of The bidder is obliged, for a period of 3 three years, considered from the Completion Date to retain the existing number of employees in the Company and in the companies in vvhich has majority ovvnership or majority voting rights as of the Completion Date, except in the follovving cases: Draft business plan for the first 3 years, containing the information about additional investments and additional number of new employments, that shell contain:.

Proposed Investments in the first 3 years investment program. Envisaged number of additional new employments in the first 3 years. Financial forecasts on profit and cash flow. The financial offer shall include in particular:.

Terms of payment denars or convertible foreign currency, when shares are sold to a foreign legal entity. The selected bidder has the right to conclude by himself the Agreement for sale and purchase of shares or for that purpose to establish special legal person that will conclude the Agreement for sale and purchase. In any case, the Agreement will not be concluded if bank guarantee is not submitted with which is guaranteed the payment of the agreement penalties regardless vvhether the Agreement will conclude the bidder or for that purpose established legal person.

  AGMA 908-B89 PDF

The bank guarantee with which is guaranteed the payment of the agreed penalties need to be unconditional, irrevocable, payable at first call and needs to be issued by Bank with seat in RM of foreign Bank, whereat if issued by foreign Bank to have at least B credit ranking issued by one of the follovving agencies for credit ranking: For all additional questions regarding the Public Call, use the following contacts:.

Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia Address: Jajce – Bage 5 Jajce. Grude – Hrvatskih branitelja br. Sarajevo – Put Famosa 38 Sarajevo. Mostar – Put za Aluminij bb. Lahke brigade bb Kakanj. Atalian Global Services BH d. Uni Credit Bank a. Gornja Tuzla – ul. Termoelektrana bb Lukavac. Doboj Jug – Usorska br. Sarajevo Centar – ul. Kolodvorska broj 6 Sarajevo. Doboj Istok – Klokotnica bb Doboj Istok. Sarajevo – Skenderija 23 Sarajevo.

Mehmeda Spahe broj 4 Sarajevo. Limafski Dubica – Svetosavska bb Kozarska Dubica. Tuzla – Stara solana br.

Institut za hidrotehniku d. Zmaja od Bosne broj 7 Sarajevo. Mostar – Kardinala Stepinca bb. Tuzla – Titova br. Sarajevo – ulica Titova broj 8 Sarajevo. Sarajevo Novo Sarajevo – ul. Zmaja od Bosne bb Novo Sarajevo.

Vrbaska broj 1 Sarajevo. Tuzla – Mehmedalije Maka Dizdara 26 Tuzla. Mehmedalije Maka Dizdara do br. Safeta Zajke broj 61 Sarajevo. Cazin – Mala Lisa bb. Zenica – Roma IIUl. Mostar – Kralja Zvonimira 13 Mostar.

Lukavac – Modrac bb Lukavac.

JP Elektroprivreda BiH d. Armije Bosne i Hercegovine br. BHRT Sarajevo – ul.

Zmaja od Bosne broj 33 i 35 Sarajevo. Paromlinska broj 57 Novo Sarajevo. Sarajevo – Musala 2 Sarajevo. Medicinski fakultet Sarajevo – ul. Zenica – Lukovo Polje br.

Prodaja dionica Republike Makedonije u kompaniji 11 Oktomvri- Eurokompozit AD- Prilep –

KJP Centar Skenderija d. Sarajevo – Terezije bb Sarajevo. Zmaja od Bosne br. JU Djeca Sarajeva p. La Benevolencija broj 4 Sarajevo. Rudarska broj 8 Kakanj. Doglodska bb Zenica. Sarajevo – Zelenih Beretki 12 Sarajevo. Pale – Svetosavska 21 Pale. Banja Luka – Pavlovac br. Sarajevo – La Benevolencije 6 Sarajevo. Trg Solidarnosti 2A Sarajevo. Visoko – Prijeko 1 Visoko.