Pilot’s Handbook available @ Line 6 and Spider Valve are trademarks of Line 6, Inc. All other product names, trademarks, and artists’ . HD Output A is for a ohm speaker load and will let you hook up one. Simi Valley, CA P. F. E. [email protected] ASSY UNIT COMPLETE SV HD A US V. View and Download Line 6 Spider Valve pilot’s handbook manual online. The Spider Valve HD head features (2) Chinese 12AX7-B preamp tubes and (4).

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Log in Become a member. Line 6 Spider Valve HD Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user majual Ask for a user review. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. This is a hybrid of tube power and digital preamp I’m a tube purist and this amp is only half way there The digital preamps are buzzy, non-dynamicand quite sterile I don’t like them at all nor do I find them to be faithful replicas of the amps they’re modeling It’s loud and simple to use The presets blow but the sounds are the reason, not the presets The FX are wet and cheap sounding Sorry Line 6, I love most of your stuff but this one was a letdown It just sounded like a POD through a tube power amp Gotta get that POD out!

It’s not even a good practice amp as it’s loud and tubes like to be pushed This whole amp is pretty much a great idea but junk product Single coils were so ice-picky that it couldn’t be dialed out without removing the entire top end The lows are good and deep but not “strong” sounding They’re more resonant than punchy The presets can’t hd10 the bad tone from the preamps They are all bad It can be tolerable in a few settings but never good The EQ is ok as there is no saving the tone The whole amp needs a lne the EQ can’t fix it But his section is ruined by Line 6’s proprietary crap tone The Marshall and Mesa tones were passable if you are tone deaf The cleans are about the only worthwhile feature and they are not great themselves I tried many many amps I own many many amps I really wanted this to replace the fleet I flipped hd10 within a week Did you find this review helpful?


Line 6 has joined with Bogner in order to help boost their image as an amp company. They basically started from scratch, ditched the HD and started creating these hybrid tube amps. This amp features a 6L6 power tube section, two 12AX7 tubes, 12 different amp voicing modes, 7 different effects, built-in tuner, a bunch of programmable channels, the ability to go direct to FOH, and you can even plug in your POD to this thing.

Everything is laid out like a fairly normal tube amp, but you can also save certain presets and recall them for a later date. The head shell and head cab seem to be built fairly tough, but I can’t attest as to how well they work lime tour. I never played one, and if one breaks, I’m not sure how to go about fixing it due to there being tons of surface mounted components.

I never read the manual to this thing, and I probably should have. There’s a lot of small things going on in here that I didn’t realize until lihe. Thankfully, Line 6 has some nice manuals, so understanding everything shouldn’t be a huge deal. The cleans are probably the best part of this amp, but I’m not one to brag about solid state cleans simply because good solid state cleans have been done for years.

Ilne really matters is when you start adding gain, and it’s not too bad. You can get some nice overdriven Marshall-esque tones and even some Recto tones in here.

All user reviews for the Line 6 Spider Valve HD100

The effects are alright, but they’re nothing I’d consider too amazing. However, I still miss the all analog tube path that so many other tube heads offer.


The sound isn’t bad, but there are definitely better amps out there. Then again, considering how cheap this is, it’s pretty versatile The amp had a lamp preamplifier added Nothing to do with the previous spiders!

Opportunity to buy on this site and I have no regrets over my spider 2 which was already good, but less powerful C is a perfect amp for me and that was customized in many ways that make it unique. One has the impression that with Bogner to the realization, we will have a great amp as much as any part amplification is a lamp and that the head is cool!

I tried all day yesterday again! No sound seemed convincing! Besides the first generation pro pod connected to a power amp is a light day and night!

I’ve never played on an amp so empty and hollow and dull! Even a Marshall Valvestate head sounds better! Does everything said in the first opinion on the technical side.

Line 6 – Spider Valve HD – User Manual

What I retain is the participation of Bogner for the collaboration of the lamp part of this amplifier. With it, you most in a single head even if it is not exactly the best in all sounds. I found the sounds trsrussis crunch, the distortion too. I have two pregnant diffrent jou, a correct and a line6 mesa vs does. It sounds good on both trs, the enclosure as it line6 same good quality I found!

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