2. Dez. Ausgesuchte sprachliche Mittel der Werbung. LW Metapher; Paradoxon; Personifikation; Reim; Rhetorische Frage; Vergleich; Wortspiel. Stylistic Devices / Stilmittel / Rhetorische Mittel Autor und weiteres Material: Jochen Lueders. IMAGERY. Simile [`sImIlI] (Vergleich): an explicit comparison. Rhetorische Stilmittel sind eine Sammlung universeller k√ľnstlerischer Strukturen und typische Zugleich helfen rhetorische Stilmittel bei der Darstellung der Figuren bzw. Stilmittel. Suchen Sie die Definitionen und dazugeh√∂rige Beispiele.

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Darauf aufbauend folgen in englischer Sprache eine Definition, drei anschauliche Beispiele und die vom Stilmittel ausgehende Wirkung.

Ebenso wie die deutsche Sprache, kommt auch die englische Sprache nicht ohne Stilmittel aus. Wirkung und Funktion sind nicht immer leicht herauszuarbeiten, weshalb du weiter unten zu jedem einzelnen Stilmittel allgemeine Informationen findest.

A symbol with a hidding meaning Examples: Justitia for justice The port gets ever closer to the body’s craft. Aesthetic formulation; Create a picture in the mind of the listener.

At least two consecutive words beginning with the same letters Examples: The Elfin from the green grass I think that’s the record.

Emphasizes the urgency; Aesthetic formulation; Intensification. Repeating of a sequence of words at the beginning of a sentence or verse.


I have a dream Accentuate and emphasize something; Convincing the listener; Dramatization. A three-stepped increase of words or phrases. Tolkien Let a man acknowledge his obligations to himself, his family, his country and his God. Emphasizes the urgency; Dramatization. A completely and ordered list of words or items.


Create the feeling of wholeness; Accentuate and emphasize something. Pictorial comparison stil,ittel two things that are interconnected. Create a picture in the mind of the listener; Illustration of an issue; Aesthetic formulation.

Words that imitate sounds. Pow, Meow, woof woof, tick tock, oink oink, click clack The bean bursts noiselessly through the mould in the garden – Walt Whitman scratching, buzzing, dazzling Function and Effect: Aesthetic and tuneful formulation.

Rhetorische Figur

Two or more words, which seems in combination totaly impossible Examples: Shock effect; Make the reader think about the issue. Irresolvable contradictions of a set of facts.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Aesthetic formulation; Make the reader think about the issue. Parallel or similar syntax in several sentences. Talk is silver, silence is golden O death, where is your victory?

O death, where is your sting? Humanisation of animals, things and lifeless.


Stilmittel / Stylistic Devices

The eye of the law; Mother Nature Then let not winter’s ragged hand deface – William Shakespeare The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for – Ernest Sstilmittel Function and Effect: Aesthetic formulation; Illustration of an issue.

Question where no response is lise Examples: Didn’t I tell you before? Are you out of your mind? Comparison between two things through the connectives “as”, “like” or “than” Examples: She was as hungry as a lion; As busy as a bee My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun – William Shakespeare Coral is far more red than her lips’ red – William Shakespeare Function and Effect: Stulmittel a picture in the mind of the listener; Connect two different things.

An object, which represents an idea or something else Examples: Illustration of an issue; Create a picture in the mind of the listener; Aesthetic formulation.

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