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Keep up with the events at our church here.

We will provide an ongoing training process that will equip each ETWCC member to be confident and qualified to serve. Come Worship With Us! Sunday zielscheibsn Wednesday 7pm. Events Keep up with the events at our church here. Our desire is that everyone experience the love of Christ regardless of their background.

You come as a friend but leave as family. Plug Into The Power…. Worship We will foster worship that is both biblically correct and culturally relevant.


We ziekscheiben that our worship services bring the worshiper into a life-changing, dynamic experience with the living God. We will attempt to redeem the arts so that all art forms may be used in the worship of the God that created them. We will encourage each ETWCC member to be a participant in a closed group for deeper and more need-specific life transformation.


We will strive for each ETWCC member to develop the necessary spiritual discipline of prayer and Bible study to achieve personal daily intimacy with Christ.

Service We will provide an ongoing training process that will equip each ETWCC member to be confident and qualified to serve.

We believe that the fruit of a transformed life is service, thus we will encourage every ETWCC member to be involved in at least one ministry. We will encourage luftgewerh by creating an environment of joy and fellowship among those that serve the Lord. Leadership We will seek to join God where He is working. We will develop lay leaders who are kingdom minded and passionate about winning the world to Christ. We will develop the ability to determine and anticipate the needs of our lay leaders and deliver solutions that meet those needs.

Luftgewehr collection on eBay!

We will create ministries that address the trends in our culture allowing us to further expand the kingdom of God.


We will become a church that leads the way in kingdom expansion. Stewardship We will endeavor to teach that stewardship is the proper management of all God has given us to expand His kingdom. We will not expend our precious resources on that which does not fulfill kingdom vision. Biblical Community We will facilitate biblical community through our worship services. We will help to equip families to become the primary place where biblical community is learned and practiced.

We will intentionally provide a worship experience where community is celebrated and practiced. Establish Churches, Impact our Communities.

Oakwood 50 Stk. Luftgewehr-Scheiben Wildmotiv 14 x 13,5 cm | TARGETS | Pinterest | Target and 50th

Assistance for our Seniors. Good News for the poor. Reach every Generation and expand the Kingdom of God.

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