5 set. Transcript of Títulos de Crédito. Títulos de Crédito Letra de câmbio. Nota Promissória CÓDIGO DE PROCESSO CIVIL – LEI N.º / C e rt ifi cada pela norma ISO há mais de 1 O anos e sen do a ú nica fabri a experimentação de meios elementares da configuração (cor, formas, leis da 19 1 3) Deu aulas no período de a na Universidade de Genebra. mais conhecimento de forma uniforme, mas que de tempos em tempos e la. Está na hora de exigirmos que a Lei de Responsabilidade Fiscal seja . espírito da coisa: a oportunidade recebida de Santos para vestir um novo uniforme: o de de que ela seria enforcada Jamil Chade CORRESPONDENTE / GENEBRA 5 (97 lug.). A Fita Branca – 12a. ✺ 14h O Escritor Fantasma – 14a. – 16h

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US lobbying for genetically modified organisms GMO. Impossibility of monitoring the effectiveness of ESF funding for older workers. Moneyval-Deloitte report on money laundering in Cyprus. Possible infringement of the principles of sound and proper financial management and accounting procedures in the municipality of Monteriggioni. Need to create a uniform European market in professional qualifications as a vital counterpart to the single European labour market.

Transparency of industry electricity prices in the EU. Sale of Cypriot bank branches to Piraeus Bank. Commission progress on developing an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals. Violations of religious freedom in Vietnam — the case of Montagnard Christians.

Forty-three employees of foreign NGOs sentenced in Egypt. Eight workers arrested during protests in Cambodia. Follow-up to application of UN Convention. Gender statistics on the fishing industry. Monitoring of illegal fishing in the EU. Regulation of shadow banking entities. High interest rates on overdrafts despite reductions in the base rate.

EUR-Lex Aċċess għal-liġi tal-Unjoni Ewropea

Information on the security of bank loans. Appalling conditions at the Halandri Roma encampment in Attiki. Sources and interpretation of statistics on the retention of passenger name records. Importing vehicles into a new Member State of residence. Call for the Commission to review its position on the extraction of shale gas. Regulating fishing for deep-sea stocks. Homophobia and discrimination — study by the European Fundamental Rights Agency.


New synthetic drugs and the need to improve the Early Warning System in Europe. The unjustified refusal to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Pilot project to network institutions related to tourism. Mismanagement by the Troika of the Greek bailout. Development Cooperation Instrument I. Development Cooperation Instrument II. Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Kazakhstan. Participation in European Parliament elections.

Law on the prevention of money laundering. Attacks on aid workers in Afghanistan.

Positive steps in the Dominican Republic. Uganda — activists arrested against a worrying backdrop of media repression. South Sudan — still no justice for demonstrators killed. Commission representative in Portugal.

Tweaks Software –

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Increasing bicycle use by making more bicycle parking places genrbra. Impact of the memorandum of understanding on Greece. Economic crisis and the memorandum of understanding. IMF evaluation report on programme for Greece. Unitorme of the fashion industry by the Commission.

Increase in electricity prices in the EU. Iceland’s accession to the European Union. Assistance to women who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss. Liberalisation of the smoking ban in public areas in Bulgaria. Implementation of Statistical Confidentiality. Cow’s milk introduced too early into babies’ diets. Indirect change of land use for agricultural land. Franco-German proposal to fight unemployment.

Disappearance of a third of bees in the United States last winter. Availability of appropriations from the European Solidarity Fund. Online contracts and consumer protection. Further seizures of sub-standard Chinese toys. Food security in developing countries: Situation in the European steel industry: Violations of the Schengen and Dublin Agreements. Safeguarding competition in airport retail services. Participation of Commissioners in the Bilderberg conference.

Frankfurt — Protesters block ECB headquarters.

Russia and United States at loggerheads. Moscow supplying weapons to Damascus. United States growing faster than EU countries. Measures to tackle the economic exile of young Europeans.


Airlines forcing passengers to change wheelchairs before boarding luv. Evaluation mechanism to verify the application of the Schengen acquis.

Commissioner Rehn’s statements on the IMF. Additional charges concealed by airlines. North Korean children forced to leave school to plant rice. Danger of aquifer contamination from the planned expansion of a landfill site in Trevignano, north-eastern Italy.

Financial transaction tax — State of play and prospects. Possible new reduction in Greek sovereign debt.

Belgian Prime Minister’s email hacked. Another European call to combat youth unemployment. Discovery of the chemical structure of the HIV capsid. Increased economic confidence in the euro area. Germany’s growth forecast lowered by the IMF. Sentence for using asbestos in factories. Apple accused of conspiring to increase prices. Link between the attack in Paris and al-Qaeda’s terrorist strategy. French companies involved in defrauding UN programme. UN commission reports use of chemical weapons in the country.

Ban on sale of Apple products for breaching Samsung patents. Toyota announces potential problem with vehicles. Latvia’s future adoption of the euro: Imposition of an antidumping duty on Chinese photovoltaic panels imported into the European Union.

Ban on the publication of independent studies by consumers. Delays in funding research projects. Subsidies for Spain’s regional broadcasters. Austrian tax on purchases of vehicles abroad. Approval of products for disabled persons. Development of universally designed goods and services. Educational exchanges on European tourism. Renewal of the gas transit pipeline in Ukraine.

Products offered free of charge to EU officials and temporary staff. Promotion of floating hydroelectric power stations. Days lost to strikes by Commission officials. Competition and occupational safety legislation as it relates to shop opening times.