Mobile First [Luke Wroblewski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Our industry’s long wait for the complete, strategic guide to mobile web. Mobile First has ratings and reviews. Stringy said: As noted in the introduction, this isn’t a book with code examples to work from (see Ethan. Luke Wroblewski is a data guy, so let’s check the stats. He has personally written 1, articles, given presentations, and authored three books on mobile.

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A few folks were kind enough to take notes and share them online. For instance, the mobile version of as well-known travel site gives me, the customer, a few big buttons making it easy for me to check in, check the status of my flight, and do one or two other things I actually want to do. girst

By lkke, the desktop version is a confusing hodgepodge of ads, clutter, and Flash, with seemingly dozens of competing navigation aids, none of which offers me the opportunity to do what I need to do on the site. Web products should be designed for mobile first, even if no mobile version is planned. The mobile web is out-pacing the desktop web by a factor of 8. Next year we’ll see smartphone devices will outsell desktop devices.


Don’t just port and rethink things for a small screen.

mobil Focus on core actions, know your users, and use scalable design. For a good example, check out Southwest Airlines sites. The mobile version is driven by the tasks that people need to do.

Some things make more sense on mobile than on the desktop.

Notes on Mobile First!

Luke isn’t saying that they’re equal, just that the two are equally important. However, if you’re doing a mobile app, you need to think of everyone, and pick your target devices. When you decide, you should think about not just screen size but screen densities. Mobile web is growing at an unprecedented qroblewski.

These new mobile web users will demand excellent mobile websites and the demand will quickly become more important than a desktop website. Mobile websites are not an afterthought. Minimize the number of controls from which users have to choose. This minimalist approach will help you identify the primary goals of your website.

Use that primary-goal approach on your desktop version as well as your mobile version.

Basing your desktop version on the primary goal will dramatically improve the simplicity wroboewski clarity of your desktop website. Capabilities of mobile devices are changing the way users interact with our websites.

The clearest example of this idea is touch. The ways in which websites utilize touch gestures are still being pioneered. Web products should be designed for mobile first even if no mobile version is planned. Over time, designing for the desktop web first will become a backwards way of doing things.


People use devices for short bursts throughout the day. While at home, waiting in line, at a stop light, at work.

Users are performing small, quick, time-consuming tasks. Peak value for using web pages is frequently between seconds. Short bursts of activity, frequently throughout the day. Quick, bursty, check-in behavior.

Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

Interface elements must be larger. Most wroblewskk phones manufacturers are moving to touch-based. Pay attention to minimum spacing between elements. Realize slipping of the finger happens more often than slipping of the mouse cursor.

LukeW | Mobile First

Touch gestures include tap, double tap, drag, flick, pinch, spread, press, press and tap, press and drag, rotate. Hope to see some of you there! Wroblewdki on Mobile First! TJ Kelly Mobile First! Touch gestures include tap, double tap, drag, flick, pinch, spread, press, press and tap, press and drag, rotate Read more at: