The first Vance novel I read was Lyonesse, back in and before it known as Suldrun’s Garden, the first instalment of the Lyonesse trilogy. The Complete Lyonesse Trilogy – Jack – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Suldrun’s Garden (Lyonesse) (Volume 1) [Jack Vance, Michael Dirda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Take a doomed princess.

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Daughters and sons of kings find themselves used as chess pieces in ultimately meaningless but painfully life-altering political games involving marriage to seal alliances between frenemy kingdoms, which do not ever seem to go well in fact or fiction.

Aug 10, Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read saving…. To ask other readers questions about The Complete Lyonesseplease sign up. The Blue World was a favorite, I thought this, my lyohesse fantasy by him, might be “okay”.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ok, now that that is out of the way what is Lyonesse? Setting lyonexse from t Who but Jack Vance could take the Atlantis myth, mix in some Arthurian legend, tie it all in to a more or less historically accurate format, add plenty of magic and magical creatures, and wind up with an AWESOME storyline.

So we have the late Middle Ages traditions like jousting and chivalry combined with the political nuances of the collapsing Roman Empire; we have medieval dances, music and architecture existing in contrast with the pre-Christian, semi-barbaric culture saturated trilogt magic. Most of this involves conflict with fellow magician Shimrod, but it also means that he kidnaps Dhrun and ends up combating Aillas.

The Lyonesse Trilogy

I love how one of the magicians, Murgen, has decreed that no magician should trilogh in events because then they would get out of hand trklogy the magicians would end up facing off against each other. Many of the ancient tales seem to begin with Lyonesse at the center of the stories, either because its ambitious kings started much havoc in their attempts to control all of the Elder Isles or because of ruthless people who begin putting nefarious activities into play around Lyonesse by chance.

With a style that cleverly implies a patchwork of collated oral tales, full of footnotes, inconsistencies and snippets of history from repeated retelling, it feels like the view of a fairytale from the inside. After learning that her father called himself Sir Pellinore, she continues on to a dangerous but sometimes comical trek where they encounter two hostile goblin knights riding griffins and a three headed ogre named Throop who lives in a castle.


Sandstorm Reviews: The Lyonesse Trilogy – Jack Vance

Lots of unexpected twists and turns while following the paths of both Aillas and Dhrun. I was actually rather amazed at the sheer lyoness of where we started, from a princess’s childhood Suldrunher setup as a fairytale, then the betrayal of her wonderful prince Aillastheir love, and their tragedy merely sets the stage, even if it takes tdilogy a sizable portion of the book.

I had forgotten, though, how back then so many maps were frustrating like this one is. With no word from Tanjecterly, Aillas resumes his campaign against the Ska.

I can’t explain why since I think it be better to read it, everyone understand things differently. The characters are somewhere between mythic archetypes and actual people, something brought out by the habit of several of the magicians of the books splitting off from themselves scions, or sub-personalities, which begin as an aspect of the original but quickly develop their own characteristics.

It’s a towering triumph, Vance’s magnum opus in a career full of great accomplishments. One of my top three favourite fantasy books – vies with Lord of the Rings for my favourite book of all time. The main setting here is Lyonesse town and the court of Casmir.

The trilogy is often dark and brutal, as it includes things like rape, murder, war, etc, but it’s also an extremely optimistic story that wraps up with a happy ending, much like a fairytale.

There is also the mixture of real and surreal such as the mad King Deuel who sponsors Grand Galas where everybody in his kingdom must dress as birds and Doctor Fidelius: My out of print hardcover copy has pages of text. On the way they are attacked several times so that he loses a great deal of blood, and the beast and pirate aspects of Kul begin to assert themselves. The deed done, Murgan collapses into a chair, crestfallen. She and Pimfet travel to the castle where the Grail is, and through cunning manage to kill the Ogre Throop and retrieve the grail, a task that hundreds of knights had tried and failed.

The Troice army routs Casmir’s army, and Casmir enters the battle only to shortly after flee back towards Lyoness Town. The setting was ok otherwise I have vague memory of the progressive eels? Trivia About The Complete Lyon Maybe a little less flat out hilarious than the adventures of Cugel, but this is a much more fully realized work, with a substantial number of viewpoint characters and a through plot over the 1, pages.


To this end, Casmir arranges for a colloquy despite having no desire for peace. The first book takes a little while to get going.

The Complete Lyonesse

In this particular story, Vance has gone to extreme lengths to be especially unforgiving towards his characters, and there is elegant and discreetly described rape, torture, murder, and various other atrocities, so fair warning to those with delicate literary dispositions.

His body decomposes and merges with the forest floor; in the Spring, beautiful flowers with strangely evocative odors sprout at the site. Dec 02, Lyn rated it liked it. Another is dealing with the Ska who has invaded parts of Ulfland. Many plotlines are resolved, and there’s really no barrier to a satisfying close, but there isn’t one.

Casmir retrieves the baby and, none the wiser, takes her back to the castle. Fortunately, I bought the entire Kindle trilogy at once, so I can easily move on to the next two. It’s a fascinating and bizarre and hilarious trilogy.

Suldrun’s Garden (Lyonesse #1) by Jack Vance

There are a few good moments in the novel but they are far too few in between. The first third of the book was so tedious with the history of the Elder Islands and all the politics and wars. Mischievous fey, witches, trolls, and powerful sorcerers define the web of magic that weaves through the high-fantasy politics of Vance’s realm, creating a fascinating hybrid that should appeal to readers across the fantasy spectrum.

For an early eighties fantasy, it reads rather fantastically easy, with a near perfect blend of adventure, spry heroes and heroines, and an almost mythical command of myth, history, and magic in a hugely creative blend. I laughed aloud many times during these books, which is a rare, strange skill.