The 7stanes mountain biking centres have award-winning trails with some of the best mountain biking in the country. Mabie, near Dumfries. Catering for. With the remnants of ideas and experiments to be found at every turn, riding in Mabie Forest is like taking a tour through a trail-building. The 7stanes trail twists and turns on itself and there are always opportunities to repeat a section or miss a section out if you can understand your trail map. Mabie .

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It’s a well catered for centre with a cafe, bike hire and a shop not always open on site and most importantly it has trails for all levels. Under 5km 5 km 20km 21 – 30km. Mabie forest lies just of the A around 6. The trailhead and bike shop are close by the parking facilities at Mabie House. Mabie is part of the 7stanes network.

This is a mix of natural and hand carved terrain. The Dark Side is an orange 3. It consists mainly of narrow elevated wooden “North Shore” sections with some granite thrown in for good measure. Walk it first would be the advice. It climbs to 1m above the ground, and takes you through a gap jump at 4ft wide and an elevation of 7ft. It is made up of public and forest road. Share If you have ridden the mountain bike trails at Mabie Forest then please share your experiences and post your reviews, pictures, videos and tracks to the listing.

Mabie’s I mabie’s nah. Took a trip to Mabie forest with Lewis. Mabie is part of the 7stanes network of trail centres. We rode the red trail although there was a small diversion in place. Not really a fan of this trail as the downs are not that impressive and more undulating that I would have liked. The climbs are not too bad and are technical in places. There are a fair few sharp rocks to cross so watch your tyres. Trail Guide – Mabie Forest. Check out the complete article here: Driving Bicycling Transit Walking.

Already have an account? Grin Factor Level of fun had, or to be had.

Trail Variety Variety of specific trail or overall trail centre. Mix of obstacles, berms, jumps, drops, shore etc. Skills Development Did it develop or push your skills and leave you with more to come back and learn. Facilities From cafe post ride grub to bike wash. Did it meet your expectations? You will be able to upload media right after you submit your review.

Have ridden parts of the blue and red. Night riding here is great – fond memories of lighting up on contour climb. User Review Good Points.


Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? Great day out in November, brilliant weather all be it it cold. Excellent trails well marked, laid out and challenging. I was told that there would be a lot of fire road this was not the case on the Red, brilliant. Had a good evenings ride here while away on holiday.

Liked the singletrack climbs and the section called descender bender and the one after drop to the river were fantastic. Flowy, fast berms with plenty of little rollers to pop off. I felt it meandered a bit after this but there were a few good sections to finish. Felt like it meandered a bit in the middle of the red trail. Last descent was not as good as others e. W Wadam00 Top 10 Reviewer 23 reviews. Mabie Local perpective.

7stanes – mountain biking heaven

April 30, Updated: I enjoy a bit of climbing so don’t mind the climbs required for maximum enjoyment going down. The blue mahie an easy ride on mainly fire roads. However, the blue climb does offer a challenge to a beginner. Winter night riding is much more rewarding as the walkers paths are available.

Some of the sections here are excellent and allow for a real mixture of riding. There are also lots of natural trials that have been developed by the locals which do offer variation but these are not marked anywhere so local mahie is required.

Mabie forest is far more extensive than the bit at the trail centre. There is a link road down at Lochaber Loch which gives access to another part of the wood. There are lots of natural trails down there especially at Troston Hill and Waterloo Tower. So if you are there for the day do hrail red in the morning and do a bit of exploration in the afternoon.

Mabie House Hotel offers good food and drink. The darkside is permanently closed so don’t bother with that. Not sure if you can even hire a bike nowadays. C CaptainSensible Top Reviewer 1 reviews. The red trail at Mabie benefits from one of the most fun sections in the whole of the 7 Stanes- Descender Bender, a great flowing section in three parts with many mwp and jumps.

The route is maibe less technical kap the other Stanes and the surroundings are slightly different being mainly in broadleaf woodland rather than conifers- i guess it could get a bit slippery with fallen leaves around. If done at a good speed with minimal rest stops the jabie has good flow and fireroad is kept to a minimum. The blue trail is easy enough to ride for beginners but has no real fun sections- the singletrack is quite short and doesnt make up enough of the route.


Variety of trail grades decent length of route nicer forest than other trail centres.

Map of walking routes and pictures of Mabie Forest

T Tibbort Top 10 Reviewer 19 reviews. B beardedbiggs Top 10 Reviewer 34 reviews. Recently redone parts of the red trail, a lot nicer to ride The red has a nice variety of track from smooth flowing berms and jumps to some decent rocky and footy sections as well The cafe is great with really friendly staff The 4x is a good laugh for a couple hours of messing around as well.

The orange kona dark side is closed pretty much permanently and no not in good repair, although The Race Track is still okay but it’s a very long way from any of the normal trail. A Alibobness Top 10 Reviewer 17 reviews.

Only really a couple of stand-out bits on the red route, its good but not excellent. Descender Bender is generally pretty good but the new makeover it got last year feels a bit too artificial I think it is The Elevator that is particularly good and the last wee bits of descent.

The Northshore stuff has always been wet or otherwise closed when I have been there but I would love to give it a shot at some point. Great skills and freeride park and mini 4X is good fun Decent red route Always a good day out. Wish there was a bit more for more advanced riders and not just Ttrail like more techy trails.

Great red loop and fun 4x track. Don’t waste your time on the dark side though. It isn’t maintained very well and it is generally way way too techy for your average rider. I have gone through far too many rear mech hangers up there and the shore is miles away from the trail center- it’s a long walk back! Descents on the red loop are fast, fun with plenty of big berms and a couple of neat jumps.

The cafe make genuinely good coffee which is a rarity in ,ap.

G georgegibsonclark Top Reviewer 2 reviews. February 27, Updated: Good all round trail, good flow, nice riding.

Mabie Forest Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks

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