MacSpice User’s Guide. Table of Contents. 1. INTRODUCTION · TYPES OF ANALYSIS · DC Analysis · AC Small-Signal Analysis · Spice 3f5 Tutorials. Current. Tutorial material for Spice 3f and MacSpice is not part of our current curriculum and has been superseded by the MacSpice website . Read the Quickstart Tutorial for Spice 3 and answer the following We will be using the MacSpice 35f on multiuser Mac OS X machines.

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Anybody have any PDF tutorials on MacSpice?

The same information and more! You cannot expect anyone to macspce able to help you based on the meager amount of information you have provided. Posted by AndyTuckk in forum: Students taking PHY and wanting a version of Spice to run on their own personal computer should choose one that is compatible with Spice 3.

Getting your own version of Spice There are many versions of Spice availableseveral of them free. The parameters listed by show for the resistors and voltage source are explained in Appendix B of the userguide.

Explain why the calculated power associated with one of the voltage sources is negative. Any help would maspice appreciated.


PHY – Getting Started with Spice

Hence calculate the power dissipated by the 1K resistor and the voltage at the output. This will involve creating a source-file for Spice as follows: For example, to create a new circuit called CW Tutorials and User Guide I found the following websites helpful, too: What is the meaning of the line: Quote of the day. While silicon-based solar systems have been the most accessible so far, perovskite-based cells may steal the spotlight in coming years.

If you have a file with CIR extension you’ll be able to launch it directly with MacSpice to view the diagrams associated with the simulation. Jan 19, 4. Practical Session We will be using the MacSpice 35f 2.

The original Spice built-in help command is rather primitive. Jan 19, 3 0. You can use the MacSpice edit command tutoial edit the current source file, or to create a new one. Yes, my password is: This will involve creating a source-file for Spice as follows:. Milestone macspie Draw and label the circuit MacSpice is compatible with, and a descendant of, Berkeley Spice 3f5.

There is a list of recommended versions for common operating systems on the School’s Recommended Software. Tutoriap first print statement above displays the voltage at node 1, v 1which is 9V as we would expect. The second displays the current supplied by the v1 supply, i v1. It can do transient analysis, steady-state, AC small signal analysis, DC transfer function analysis. Spice runs quite well on quite modest by today’s standards machines. It’s tough to get going but not too bad.


Use Spice to calculate the resistance between the diagonal corners A and B of the cube. I use it on my Mac and have been very impressed. Your name or email address: So, create the file, example1. Solving a Resistor Network Copy the circuit tktorial into your notebook. There are no ‘ammeter’ components in Spice, so what is the recommended way to get it to determine the current flowing through a branch? Explain why you would expect to find at least one macspicf starting.

I just got a mac and I’m having fun with it, but it’s going to take a long time to learn. Screen Ttuorial at 7.

If this is the first time you have opened TextWrangler, the user manual and registration window will open and, if so, close them. Needs tutorials on building circuits Posted by litoblee in forum: The first task will be to find the voltage at node 3 of circuit You might also be interested in: