Resources. To top. M Series data sheet M 2G User Manual Maestro Version: 1 – File size: . M 2G Maestro Wireless Solutions Maestro Wireless datasheet, inventory, & pricing. M 2G Compact Plug And Play Quad band GSM modem, a perfect solution for demanding M2M applications through the RS interface.

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And once data enter to serial port data will be buffered and then start connecting remote TCP server.

Up to 3 email bodies with characters max can be stored. Description of the Operation Wiring Diagram: Unauthorized incoming call will be hanged up within one ring.

The network service provider may have her own dedicated SMTP server. Default value is 21 Confidential, the whole present document is the sole property of Maestro Wireless Solution Ltd. Following functions are exclusive to each other, i. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Edit address Naestro manual is written without any warranty. Setting up EM set 1 with elements: A minimum 1 byte of message has to be sent otherwise will get error.

Maestro M100 2G Quick Start Manual & User Manual

Unlike AT command, Command strings can be stored inside M 2G and can be executed upon output of certain services. Maximum 60 bytes can be set. Command String id to be executed if trigger 0 if not to trigger Confidential, the whole present document is the sole property of Maestro Wireless Solution Ltd. Valid value is 0 to 3.


If response s of the AT command is are more than characters, only the first characters will be returned. Modem will restart and then restart result and version will be displayed. As a consequence, ETX characters that belongs to the payload data must be sent by the host on the serial port preceded by a DLE character. Maeetro is in millisecond.

Description of the Operation Telnet Terminal 1.

M 2G – M&F Dev Tools

When using SC service maximum 10 messages can be put on sending queue, further message sending requests will be aborted. Valid range is from 1 to To put a queue of emails please use Command String “EM” email sending service. Equipments Description Connect an antenna with SMA male connector on the modem, make sure the antenna is tightly secured. Then with AT command this function will construct and email using the above stored Information.


Besides, our company stresses the fact that the performance of the product as well as accessories depends not only on the proper conditions of use, but also on amestro environment around the places of use. Maximum length is 20 Note: Maximum characters can be sent. If data entered is more than it will stop getting and saved.


If the signal to the port match the pre-defined condition a stored AT command will be executed.

The modem will try sending response SMS for three times max. There are two AT commands: Default mzestro is empty. The socket communication service is one way only. Depending on setting, a saved AT command will be executed if condition is fulfilled for the defined period.

List of parameters of verified DDNS service providers: It can be also used with Command String for sending status of plug-in board. For Maestro modem user: