Mar 12, MAGNEX® LW was developed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects buried underground and in water. Using an extension cable with. The MAGNEX® LW serves for the finding of fer- romagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of. The MAGNEX(R) LW serves for the finding of ferromagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of the.

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Our expertise Outreach and regional cooperation. Using an extension cable with traction relief it suits borehole detection where it has proven its worth in bomb disposal where objects have to be located at great depth and in a magnetically disturbed environment.

Ferromagnetic object ow generate in their local surroundings a field of magnetic interference whose amplitude and polarity provide the data which is evaluated and shown by the locator. These tools increase quality and productivity in BAC significantly. The ease of use and the short training time required make them ideal for GIS system. Both are supplied in domestic and int.


After download of the detection data from EPAD to a PC the detection result data is displayed as a map and can be processed to assist in planning resources, personnel, finance and priorities. For borehole detection an extension cable magnrx traction relief can be connected between probe and locator electronics. Alternatively the probe can be operated via a data logger which powers the sensor.

The system is pressure water proof to the cable length. Special lengths of water cable can be made to order if required. Inductor spacing is mm.

The locator is robust and watertight offering an excellent long time stability concerning parallelism and tilting compensation. The detector is in service with various NGOs and commercial companies worldwide.

Operational life of battery is approximately 40 hours. Instruction and maintenance manuals are available in Arabic, Englisch, French, German, Italian and Russian; other languages available on request.

There are no special requirements for technicians or workshop facilities. Steb-by-step explanations in the manuals ensure easy maintenance of the system. The detector went through comprehensive internal tests: Vallon VMV8 1120 mounted metal detector. Vallon VXV4 Vehicle mounted multi sensor system customized solutions.

MAGNEX(R) 120 LW magnetic anomaly detector for detection of ferromagnetic objects

Download this record as a PDF. Introduction to mine action What are landmines? History of landmines What are cluster munitions? What are explosive remnants of war?


Technology subject archives Project archives. Engage with us Help as a corporate partner Help as foundations and individuals.

UXO detection – CODETEL

Home Resources Equipment catalogue. The sensitivity switch offers the following sensitivity levels: Factory support A worldwide service network ensures permanent availability of spare parts. Operation and maintenance training is provided at Ebinger facilities 1120 on site. Additional factory support by specially trained staff is provided on request.

Magnetometer MAGNEX LW

Maintenance and support There are no special requirements for technicians or workshop facilities. Test and evaluation The detector went through comprehensive internal mafnex Hard Soft case material.

Weight, carrying operational detection set. Detectors systems in use to date. Adjustment of search head angle.

Magnetometer MAGNEX 120 LW

Sand Peat Clay Ferruginous soil laterite. Interference with other detectors. Reduction for higher quantity. Download Download this record as a PDF. Data protection notice Cookies policy.