Range Description: In western Malesia, this is one of the most common and valuable mango species. It is believed to come from Borneo but it is commonly. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Mangifera caesia is a large tree, often attaining majestic proportions, 30(-. 45) m tall, and bole () cm or more in diameter;. AdditionAl index words. wani, Mangifera caesia, fruit orchards, traditional fruit The distribution and use of a traditional fruit (Balinese name: wani) Mangifera.

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Mango relative often cultivated in southeast Asia. Fruit is similar in size and shape to the mango, flavor is acid-sweet, resembling a mango-pineapple mixture.

Skin is often brown, flesh is yellow-white. Seeds are not available for the Jack.

Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Description Large tree up to ft tall. Jack Mangifera caesia a.


Mangifera caesia

Seed Availability Seeds are not available for the Jack. Growing Environment Not available. Propagation Almost exclusively by seed. Uses Usually eaten fresh out of hand.

Native Range Native to lowland areas of Malaysia and Indonesia. Anacardium giganteum Caja Acu. Anacardium humile Monkey Nut.

Anacardium microcarpum Miniature Cashew. Anacardium occidentale Cashew Apple. Harpephyllum caffrum Kaffir Plum. Mangifera caloneura Mangifera caloneura. Mangifera cochinchinensis Mangifera cochinchinensis.

Mangifera caesia (binjai)

Mangifera foetida Horse Mango. Mangifera pentandra Mangifera pentandra. Mangifera quadrifida Asam Kambang. Rhus integrifolia Lemonade Berry. Spondias axillaris Himalayan Ambarella.

Spondias macrocarpa Round Mombin.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Spondias mombin Yellow Mombin. Spondias pinnata Malaysian Mombin. Spondias purpurea Red Mombin. Spondias tuberosa Brazil Plum. Spondias venulosa Coarse Mombin.